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11 Awesome Outdoor Time-Lapse Videos [VIDEO]

From sea to shining sea -- and everything in between! Here are 10 of the best time-lapse videos of the great outdoors we've ever seen.

Time-lapse videos are a beautiful way to show vast areas, and vast amounts of time, to people everywhere. As time-lapse technology continues to advance and become more accessible, more and more people are able to record stunning time-lapse videos. It's just another way to appreciate the beautiful world we live in! These outdoor time-lapse videos are worth every single minute.

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1. America's Great Spaces

Months in the making, all five minutes of this video are mesmerizing.


 2. A Taste of Austria

This incredible time-lapse has us dreaming of the "Sound of Music" and longing for wiener schnitzel. The Austrian tourism department just set the bar really high.


 3. Mesmerizing Stormscapes Dominate Skies

This brave photographer captured incredible storm clouds in this time-lapse. The result will leave you feeling nature's awesome fury.


4. Northern Lights

National Geographic delivers another amazing view of the northern lights in Alaska. Paired with moving classical music - this is a captivating symphony in nature.


5. Flowers Bloom Before Your Very Eyes

This captivating time-lapse took over 5,000 shots to create. You'll never look at flowers the same way again.


6. Oh, Canada

Banff National Park in Canada is undoubtedly one of the best. This quick video will make you long to see it in person.


7. All Alone in the Night

Incredible footage around planet Earth from the International Space Station. Fascinating to see storms from the perspective of space.


8. Texas Lightning Superstorm

This electrical storm in Texas will blow your mind.


9. The Rose of Jericho

The lifecycle of this incredible weed is amazing to behold. Even nature's smallest plants are inspiring.


10. Lake Effect

Now, this is some serious lake effect snow!


11. Great Migration

The migration in Africa is one of wildlife's most incredible shows. This time-lapse shows a glimpse of the migration with some very curious zebra and wildebeest.


It can be difficult to get perspective on nature's vastness. Time-lapse helps us see a new perspective on the outdoors in a shorter amount of time than the real thing!

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11 Awesome Outdoor Time-Lapse Videos [VIDEO]