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10 Awesome Fishing Dogs that Just Love the Water

Who doesn’t want fishing dogs to go fishing with? 

Even if you can’t get somebody to hit the water with you, you probably know a few fishing dogs. In fact, they would already be sitting in your truck if they only had the chance to go. As you are about to see, the lucky dogs in these spring fishing photos did just that.

It’s hard not to smile just a little when you think how happy these canine companions are when they get to spend some quality time in the great outdoors.

10. Get the net!

9. Something smells fishy

8. What took you so long!

The only ones more excited about trout season than we are…our dogs! #fishingdogs #stockyourbox #bigyflyco

A photo posted by Big Y Fly Company (@bigyflyco) on

7. Soaking up the sun.

6. I got this one!

5. This would be a slimy kiss.

4. Let me SEE!

Hey guys I want to see it! #fishingdogs #flyfish #flyfishing #river #montana #jetboat

A photo posted by Craig Salmon (@rowanflyfishing) on

3. This fisherman has a spotter.

2. He’s almost there!

1. I’m telling you the fish are this way!

Like I said above, how does this not make you want to take your best friend with you the next time you hit the water. Sure, sometimes they can be kind of annoying when you are trying to fish.

Yeah, sometimes they run off chasing something and you have to go find them. Okay, every now and then they get sprayed by a skunk, hooked, or kissed by a porcupine…

…But we still love them.



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10 Awesome Fishing Dogs that Just Love the Water