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10 Awesome Hunting Wedding Cakes

We love hunting, we love cake - it's that simple.  But combining these two loves? Talk about a match made in heaven. Nothing marries our two true loves better than actual true love at a wedding. Ranging from the sweet and sentimental to the laugh out loud worthy, take a glimpse at our top 10 hunting wedding cakes and be warned: you just might fall head over heels.

1. A Buck And A Doe


Photo via

2. The Hunt Is Over!


Photo via Cake Central

3. The Classic Hunting Couple


Photo via Cake Central

4. One Last Hunt, Please?


Photo via Cakes Plus

5) A Hunt For A Groom


Photo via The Pink Bride

6. Love, Cherish And Commitment


Photo via Weddings n' Things

7. Sweet And Simple


Photo via We Design Cakes

8. A Mix Of His And Hers

cake - mix of his hers

Photo via Rebekah's Sweetart

9. Oh, Deer.


Photo via Flickr

10. The Trophy Wife


Photo via Etsy

Featured photo via Etsy

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10 Awesome Hunting Wedding Cakes