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10 Awesome Florida Hunting and Fishing Lodges

This countdown of 10 awesome Florida hunting and fishing lodges will blow you away!

1. Blue Moon Expeditions

The fishing possibilities at Blue Moon Expeditions is not only world class, but it is also one of a kind. The ability to charter their 74' Mothership and take backwater fishing excursions into the deepest parts of the Everglades National Park using their Hells Bay skiff makes this the number 1 operation on our list.

Tarpon, snook, bonefish, permit, redfish, barracuda, and snarks are all available to target during your stay. While the team specializes in overnight or week long trips, they still offer daily charters as well.

Check out this great video showcasing some of the local action that Blue Moon Expeditions has to offer.

2. Hawks Cay Resort

Locate on Duck Key in the famous Florida Keys, Hawks Cay Resort is an international-acclaimed resort that brings more amenities and activities to its guest then they will know what to do with. Villas, suites, and penthouses are just a few of the lodging options available as guests venture out on activities like world class fishing charters, diving and snorkeling tours, dolphin tours, and even kite surfing.

3. Ross Hammock Ranch

Down home and smack dab in the center of old Florida, Ross Hammock Ranch is a place where visitors can stay in a world class lodge and still have access to all the great hunting and fishing that central Florida has to offer!

Their mission since opening in the late 1990's has been, "For our guests to experience Florida's finest hunting, fishing, and/or nature photography that a world class facility, with family friendly hospitality and services, second to none."

View this great fly through of their lodge and world class hunting options.

4. JB's Fish Camp: Southern Seafood with an Attitude

JB's Fish Camp has long been a staple in the beach town of New Smyrna, Florida. Local fisherman and tourists alike have all taken refuge in its rustic layout and high quality seafood since the 70's. If you are looking for a great place to launch your boat, eat lunch, grab some brews, or just listen to some live music then JB's is the place for you.

5. God's Country Outfitters

Some of the finest hunting for alligators, hogs, turkey, and trophy whitetail in Florida can be found in the company of the folks at God's Country Outfitters. Aside from the great hunting opportunities the at lodge in St. Augustine, Florida, deep sea fishing charters are also available for the clients. These World class fishing opportunities are provide through Sly Fox Fishing Team.

"Fishing is not a job for us it is a passion and a way of life; we eat, sleep and dream fishing" - Sly Fox Fishing Team

Photo By: God's Country Outfitters
Photo By: God's Country Outfitters

6. Plantation Inn

This amazing 50 year old, eco-friendly hotel is surrounded by the beautiful spring water of Kings Bay in Crystal River, Fl. The Plantation Inn is located smack dab in the middle of some of the most pristine tarpon, redfish, and snook action that Florida can ever offer. In addition to the fantastic fishing, family friend manatee tours are also a great option.

Check out this fantastic promo of this 1st rate resort on Florida's Nature Coast.

7. Dixie Sportsman's Hunting Preserve

This Dixie Sportsman's Hunting Preserve  offers some of the best hunting available in Florida for both native and exotic species. Whitetail deer, wild hogs, axis deer, american bison, water buffalo, and red deer are just some of the species that you can set your crosshairs on at this massive free range preserve.

Aside from he amazing hunting opportunities you will be pleased to know that they offer spectacular lodging and even handicap accessible hunting opportunities.

Here is a quick clip from some of the deer hunting action straight off the preserve.

8. Razor Ranch

The whitetail deer hunting at Razor Ranch is one of the few places in Florida where you are likely to harvest that 200 class buck. On top of their world class whitetail and wild hog hunting they also offer amazing opportunities to chase exotic species like axis deer. Axis deer population at the ranch consists of about 250 free range animals and even produced the world record animal at one time.

For more information check out this great recap of the opportunities they offer.

9. Ocean Reef Club

It may be number 9 on our list, but don't let that fool you. This is one of the best kept, secret resorts that Florida has to offer. The Ocean Reef Club is a family oriented club located in Key Large that offers a large range of membership programs.

Here is a great trailer that highlights exactly what the club is all about.

10. The Ivey House

Located in Everglade City, the Ivey House has a rich history of being one of the best places to stay while exploring the area. In fact, the official lodge building dates all the way back to the 1920's and has been spectacularly maintained. On top of the fantastic amenities the Ivey House offers fantastic access to the rich outdoor opportunities of the Everglades National Park.

There you go folks! I hope you have enjoyed the countdown of these 10 awesome Florida hunting and fishing lodges.

Keep your hearts right, and you lines tight!


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10 Awesome Florida Hunting and Fishing Lodges