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10 Awesome Fictional Guns We'd Add to Our Stash [PICS]

Life would be more interesting with these awesome fictional guns at our sides.

 The RPF

I'm a huge movie and video game buff. Fictional weaponry is something that always draws me into the experience.

Here is my list of awesome fictional guns I want to see in real life. Scroll through the pictures and see which ones you'd like to shoot as well.

View the images to see the 10 fictional guns that should be made into reality.

Lawgiver: Judge Dredd

The standard issue pistol of the Judges who kept law and order in Mega City. Featuring fingerprint recognition, burst fire, split fire, armor piercing and explosive rounds this pistol will bring fear to anyone who dares break the law.

Lancer: Gears of War

The main battle rifle of the Cog Army in Gears of War features full auto and a chainsaw for close quarters fun.

Flamethrower/Shotgun: Aliens

In order to save Newt from the Aliens before the explosion of the mining colony, Ripley straps a flamethrower and shotgun together. This combo proved effective, as she was able to infiltrate the Alien compound and save Newt, at the detriment of many Aliens.

Gravity Gun: Portal Series

This gun proved very useful as players moved objects to complete the puzzles of the Portal universe. It was never used as a weapon, but a tool. However, I'm sure someone in Washington would like to see it used over seas.

Imperial Blaster: Star Wars Saga

The iconic films also brought some interesting technology. Star Wars blasters broke and created empires in the galaxy far, far away.

M41A Pulse Rifle: Aliens

Ridley Scott has another one on the list with the Pulse Rifle. Featuring fully automatic operation, 10mm caseless ammo and a pump action grenade launcher, it brought down many Aliens on the distant mining colony.

Mortia Rifle: Starship Troopers

The Federation sent troopers to their death without a second thought, but at least they went well-armed. The Mortia Rifle seems to have the magical property of never running out of ammo and is best fired from the hip.

Phasers: Star Trek Series

Captain Kirk was always ready for a fight with his trusty phaser. Either set for stun or kill, the captain of the Enterprise was prepared for whatever he encountered while exploring strange new worlds.

MA5D Assault Rifle: Halo 1

The weapon of choice for Master Chief of the Halo series this bullpup rifle features a low magnification sights, a flashlight and fully automatic operation. Many Flood and grunts met their doom at the end of this rifle.

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10 Awesome Fictional Guns We'd Add to Our Stash [PICS]