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10 Awesome Colorado Hunting and Fishing Ranches


Any one of these hunting or fishing ranches out in Colorado would make a dream vacation. 

Colorado is world renowned as a top hunting and fishing destination. Most of the land in the state is public and getting in on a DIY hunting or fishing trip can be one of the best experiences of your life. However, having a great place to stay while doing what you love in the Great Outdoors is awfully nice also. Luckily, there are plenty of great hunting and fishing ranches waiting on you if you know where to look.

Follow along below and see where success isn’t guaranteed in the field, but an incredible experience absolutely is.

1. Circle K Ranch

Circle K Ranch

If you are looking for Colorado hunting and fishing ranches that have it all, you found it. Hunting packages include guided and non guided options for both elk and mule deer. This southwest Colorado spot is a dream vacation just waiting to happen.

2. Three Forks Ranch

Three Forks Ranch just might be one of the closest movie like experiences you are going to find in Colorado. With luxury accommodations and full service guiding and fishing, you are going to find what you are looking for at this location. Before you start making reservations, this place defines what you would think of in a luxury getaway. Just check out their site. You’ll see what we mean.

3. Ripple Creek Lodge

Ripple Creek Lodge

Are you looking for a Colorado adventure and not just another hunting or fishing lodge? Well, here you go. How does a 40 mile horseback ride into the backcountry sound? Getting access to waters that few have ever fished is a fly fisherman’s dream come true. However, hunting opportunities abound as well.

With cabins to rent and guided elk and mule deer hunts all around the Flat Tops of northwest Colorado, good luck trying to leave when it’s time to home.

4. Kessler Canyon

If you are only looking for a place that specializes in high class and hunting, then Kessler Canyon is waiting on you. Once you arrive at this destination, not only is all the big game hunting opportunities of Colorado there, but guided bird hunts are as well. You can even take a few shots to make sure your scope is on at the private shooting range.

5. High Lonesome Ranch

If you plan on fishing in Colorado, odds are you are going to be fly fishing. So why not look for a fly fishing lodge? Trips down the White River and Roaring Fork are offered by foot or by drift boat. A lot of the land that the High Lonesome Ranch offers is private so you don’t have to worry about highly pressured fish.

6. Buffalo Creek Ranch

Buffalo Creek Ranch

Alright, now we are talking. Miles of private waters and several private lakes makes this another fly fisherman’s dream. Not only do fishermen flock to this lodge, hunters do to. What makes this place a little more unique is that you can actually contact past customers to see what they thought of their experience before you book.

7. Frying Pan Anglers

Frying Pan Anglers

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more economical in terms of what an everyday hunter or fisherman can afford. This is right where a place like Frying Pan Anglers come into focus. With rental cabins or a multi-room lodge, they have a place you can stay. Fishing on the Frying Pan River couldn’t be easier either. Guided or non guided trips are offered all year long.

8. AEI

Again, we found a budget friendly fishing destination, but it get’s a lot harder when it comes to hunting Colorado for elk or mule deer. Luckily, AEI owns this space. With a remote cabin located just outside of Gunnison National Forest on private land, opportunities abound. The best part of this lodge is that they allow you to take off by yourself if you feel so inclined.

9. North Fork Ranch

Find Orvis endorsed fly fishing ranches with opportunities that are pretty much endless is sort of tough. On that note, welcome to the North Fork Ranch. Fishing on the South Platte river might not have a better stretch of water than what the guides at the North Fork have access to fish. Just a short trip from Denver, you will have over two miles of almost untouched waters at your fingertips.

10. Silver Spur Outfitters

Silver Spur Outfitters

Quite possibly the best kept secret in Colorado, Silver Spur Outfitters has it all. World class guides matched with world class hunting will give you more opportunities at absolutely trophy elk, mule deer, bear, or mountain than you can imagine. Full out personal service is what you will get when you first arrive to when you leave. If you want to hunt here, put your name in now. You see, the secret is actually out for those in the know about who has the best hunting in Colorado.



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