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10 Anglers We Would Love to Fish With

10 Anglers We'd Love to Fish With
Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing.

Whether known for fishing shows, tournaments, or other accomplishments, we would love to spend some time fishing with these 10 anglers.

Admit it – every time you’re out fishing and you get skunked, you think to yourself, “If I could fish with the pros.”

Well this list includes everyone we want to fish with in hopes that their skill and luck might rub off on us!

1. Bill Dance

Who hasn’t watched Bill on TV? Not only is he an international fishing superstar, but a fishing trip with him could prove to be entertaining.

While fishing and picking his brain about techniques and gear, you might also be treated to a live action blooper reel. We can hope, right?

2. Hank Parker

Hank is another guy that could be pretty fun to fish with. Better than that, he’d probably tell you to bring your son along. Hank has done fishing shows featuring kids for years. His calm, grandfatherly like demeanor makes him an obvious choice.

3. Mark Zona and Dave Mercer

These two guys are not only great fishermen but are hilarious. We’d put them on a boat together, turn on a camera and watch the good times roll.

You might spend more time laughing and listening to stories than fishing but hey, that’s a good time!

4. Matt Allen and Tim Little

While we are putting pairs in a boat to fish with, this duo is a great choice. Matt and Tim are the guys behind Tactical Bassin’ and the pair of guys who stalked out and caught the IGFA World Record Spotted Bass.

Whether you want to learn big swimbaits, big spots, deep clear lakes, or all of the above, Matt and Tim are your guys.

5. Greg Hackney

Most likely the 2016 Angler of the Year, the Hack Attack is the man when it comes to fishing jigs. Jog fishing is so translatable on so many waters that we couldn’t help but want to pick his brain all day pitching and flipping.

6. Flip Pallot

When we think about the saltwater, chasing tarpon and snook, and in general the anglers we’d love to be when we grow up, Flip Pallot is that man.

Flip has founded boat companies, had multiple television shows and did what we all wish we could: walk away from the 9 to 5 grind to pursue a life of fishing.

7. Eric Ozolins

Eric is a well known guide and saltwater angler in Texas. He specializes in land-based shark fishing at the virtually untouched Padre Island National Seashore. If you’ve ever wanted to catch a giant hammerhead or tiger shark, Eric is the guy to know. Not only does he catch them, but he also works with wildlife agencies to tag the beasts.

8. Lefty Kreh

Pretty much the man in the fly fishing world, Lefty’s videos are what we watched to learn how to cast a fly rod. His fly tying kit was the one we bought. His loop knot is the one we tie. If you want to bring out the buggy whip, how can you not want to go hit the water with Lefty?

9. Mike Iaconelli

Ike is an intense dude on the water! The energy he brings coupled with the knowledge he has gained over the year could make for a great learning session. And truth be told, we kind of hope for some break dancing action on the front deck.

10. Rick Clunn

A day on the water with this four time Bassmaster Classic Champion might be one of few words and few smiles.

It might not be an obvious choice, but if you have even an inkling of observational powers, it would be the equivalent of 10 years of fishing in an afternoon.



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10 Anglers We Would Love to Fish With