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10 Anglers with the Most to Gain and Lose at the 2016 Bassmaster Classic

At the 2016 Bassmaster Classic, some have everything to gain, but others...

The 2016 Bassmaster Classic is shaping up to be one of the best Classics yet. Big daily bag limits are going to be required in order to have a chance, but with a probable shallow water bite, some anglers are going to be right in their wheelhouse.

A few legends are hoping to stay relevant and a top finish will make that happen. However, some newcomers hope to stamp their name in history.

Who has the most to gain or lose in this year's classic? Just look below to see what we think.

1. Kevin VanDam - Lose

KVD hasn't seemed like himself over the last few years. As a matter of fact, he didn't even qualify for last year's classic. This year, KVD finished 24th in Angler of the Year points so he didn't light it on fire in 2016 either. If KVD has a bad show at the Classic, he might be on the verge of pulling a Tiger Woods in the world of fishing.

2. Mark Davis - Gain 

If you are looking for an angler that has been around for a long time and always competitive, then you found it with Mark Davis. Many anglers have him picked to finish near the top of the pack at the Grand, and if he does, he could be on his way to a great 2016. Finally, healthy after a year of 2015 dealing with nagging injuries, Davis is looking to take a big swing.

3. Mike Iaconelli - Lose

Ike is known for being brash, loud, and pretty much in everyone's faces as he fishes. One thing is for certain though, he backs it up. If Ike doesn't fish the Classic well, it just leaves more room for people not to like him due to his personality. If he does well, he will continue to shut up the haters. All we have is our reputation and Ike's is on the line.


4. Edwin Evers - Gain

Evers is favored to win. Many of the pros have picked him as the likely winner. Even if he doesn't, his fishing style has made him a mainstay in professional bass fishing by always being a constant near the top. Regardless how he finishes, Evers will do fine in the 2016 Elite Series and probably qualify again for the 2017 Classic. This year's tournament will only allow him to gain more traction.

5.  Aaron Martens - Gain

Odds are, Martens will be in the top 10. If that is the case, odds are probably just as likely he will finish higher than that. This man can flat out fish and the Grand will be his playground. Winning the Classic will put a stamp on professional bass fishing that will carry his name for years. Even if he doesn't place in the top 10, his arrow is still only pointing up.

6. Casey Ashley - Loose

Guess who won the 2015 Bassmaster Classic? Yep, Casey Ashley. Going back to back in the Classic is one of the hardest feats in professional fishing. Unfortunately after a win last year, Ashley has nowhere to go but down. He will probably still finish well, but to win again just isn't likely. I wouldn't worry about him though. He'll bounce back just fine.

7. Justin Lucas - Gain

Lucas is a rising star on the Elite Series. After finishing second in the Angler of the Year competition, making a big move at the Classic isn't out of the question. This kid can fish so don't be surprised to see his name up there with the big boys. Would you believe he's only been on the Elite Series for two years?


8. Dean Rojas - Gain

Rojas is chasing a Classic championship. He has won just about everything else but the Classic has still evaded him. He is a mainstay in fishing so he isn't going anywhere regardless of how he finishes, but with a third place in Angler of the Year, he wants a win here in a big way. Will he get it? Don't bet against him.

9. Greg Hackney - Lose

Hackney has been in and out of success since winning the Angler of the Year back in 2014. If he has a second down showing in the Classic again this year, his arrow will officially be pointing down. Fishing is fishing though and lighting can strike at any moment, so things can turn around in an instant. Hopefully that is the case come early March.

10. Jason Christie - Gain

Jason Christie has been on the cusp of big things for several years now. With multiple wins and being a local fishing on the Grand, he is one of the favorites to hoist the trophy at the end of the Classic. Christie will still do well regardless of the outcome, he is just that good. However, a win here will take him to the next level.

So what do you think? Do you agree that these guys have the most to gain and loose? When we get down to it, it's just fishing. However for these, fishing is life.


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10 Anglers with the Most to Gain and Lose at the 2016 Bassmaster Classic