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9 Amazingly Beautiful Fly Fishing Videos

If you appreciate fantastic cinematography mixed with beautiful fly fishing videos, then you are in for a treat!

With events like the Fly Fishing Film Tour and International Fly Fishing Film Festival all pushing the limits on fly fishing media, there has been a recent surge in the number of fantastic fly fishing films being produced.

Here are nine amazingly beautiful fly fishing videos that we thought you should see.

1. Low & Clear

There is no doubt at all in my mind that this could be the best fly fishing film ever made. The storyline, the fish, the people, the cinematography, the locations, everything about this film is absolutely brilliant.

If you have not watched the full length documentary, then you can buy or rent it on iTunes. I have watched it at least a half a dozen times and continue to be blown away by it!

2. Father and Son

This is a fantastic video that captures the relationship between a father and his son, as well as man and nature. It is wonderfully produced to the tune “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens. The video is simple, but shares an amazing glimpse into one man’s passion with fly fishing.

What makes this even more wonderful is that this video was eventually played at the gentleman’s funeral.

3. Rebound

After the hurricanes that devastated the Louisiana marsh, the folks at Fly Water Expeditions went out to see how the fishing scene had been effected. What they found was absolutely amazing: big bull redfish and monster jacks crushing topwater plugs left and right!

If you have not seen this video, then I suggest you hit play as quick as you can.

4. Uncharted: History of Hell’s Bay Boatworks

This video, narrated by the legend himself, Flip Pallot, takes you through the history of Hell’s Bay Boatworks. Wonderful cinematography and storytelling make this film a pleasure to watch.

While most people are familiar with Hell’s Bay’s shallow water skiffs, many have not heard the story of their founding.

5. Riding High: A Season on the Fly

When it comes to capturing the intense moments that occur while pursuing large tarpon on a fly rod, this video takes the cake. The film is produced by the folks at Waterline Media and is rated “P” for “Poonage”.

Before watching this film, make sure your heart can handle seeing monster tarpon eat, 150-pound fish flying out of the water, and screaming drag.

6. Trout in Plain Sight

This film is a fantastic glimpse of what a fly fishing trip to Patagonia Base Camp Lodge is all about. It gives you a wonderful view of the history of the lodge, how the operations work, and an up close look at the guides that put people on fish.

7. Engler

For some reason I find myself relating a lot to this guy. Dedicated fisherman often find themselves suffering in other areas of life due to their love and commitment to the lifestyle.

That concept alone hits very close to home for me. Take a look at this story inside the life a fly fishing maniac. Don’t be surprised if you begin to relate to him as well.

8. Cosmo

When I first watched this video my mind was absolutely blown! The Seychelles are one of the top fly fishing destination in the world and showcase some absolutely amazing fly fishing action.

YETI released this video earlier this year and it has certainly taken off from there. Watching this video is 7 min and 44 seconds of your time well spent.

9. Desert Oasis

Redington hit a home run with this awesome short film from their video series “Find Your Water”. The idea of being able to do float trips down pristine rivers in the middle of a desert is amazing in itself. The video focuses on the fishery and is a great look into one couple’s relation to the sport of fly fishing.

There you go folks: nine beautiful fly fishing videos that have become some of my favorites over the years. I hope you have enjoyed them as well.



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9 Amazingly Beautiful Fly Fishing Videos