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10 of the Most Amazing Tents from the World of Camping


More and more people are making their way towards spending less time indoors and more outdoors. This is partly due to great leaps in new tents hitting the market.

I am a very simple person when it comes to camping. I have a basic Swiss four-person tent just big enough for the family and dog, the same sleeping bag I have had for 15 years now, and take just the basics to get us through. With the advancements in camping gear lately, especially with these tents, I may have to upgrade a bit.

Pretty soon we won’t have to do much at all when we head out on a camping trip but show up. Tents will set up themselves, fires will be instant, and food will prepare itself. That will just give us more time to enjoy ourselves and families in the great outdoors.

Check the photos to see 10 amazing tents for the camping world. 

Quechua Two-Second Pop-Up Tent


This Is Why Im Insane

This was definitely designed for the lazy camper. It is a single-person tent that when tossed up will pop itself out and land ready to go. Simply throw your bag inside and you’re all done while your buddies are still working on theirs.
This can be purchased from Quecha for $35.00 USD.

JakPak Wearable Tent


Geek Alerts

The JakPak is a new idea combining a jacket, tent, and sleeping bag all in one. It looks pretty simple to use and each piece can detach if you don’t need it. This would be nice to have on those summer hikes that could turn into a one-night stay.
Can be purchased from JakPak for $199.99.

Heimplanet “Cave” Inflatable Tent



This awesome idea is quickly gaining popularity across the world. It is a quick inflatable two-person tent, super lightweight at 11.5 pounds, and has no bulky frame to mess with. It is sold out, but they are still taking pre-orders that will guarantee you one as soon as they are in stock.
Pre-order from Heimplanet for $582.00 USD.

Black Diamond Cliff Cabana



Ever wonder where climbers rest when climbing a 3,000-foot cliff face? Wherever they stop in one of these. This cover slips right over your portaledge to protect you from the elements and let you get some sleep. This is one tent you have to have some serious nerve to get any sleep in.
This can be purchased from Eastern Mountain Sports for $249.95.

Kaleidoscope Orange Solar Tent


The Awesomer

Although this tent is still in its prototype stage, it is about to hit KickStarter later this year to gather funds for production. Solar panels charge power LED lights at night as well as give you a place to charge cell phones and other small electronics while in the field.

Topeak Bikamper


Good Home Design

This is a tent any serious biker needs to have if you plan on any type of long-term trip. It’s lightweight and folds up tight to fit in a small bag on your handlebars. Then it pops up onto the front end of your bike keeping your bike safely close by and protected from the elements.
Although it is up on some sites, I could not find a price or anywhere you can purchase it any longer.

Tentsile LTD “Tree Tent”


Spyder News

This two-person tent can be suspended in the air between trees to keep you safely off the ground. This could be a god send while backpacking through bear country. Just drop down a rope ladder to get in and out.
This can be purchased from Tentsile for $495.00

I-Gloobox by Georgi Djongarski


RNR Associates

Georgi developed this idea as a way to help homeless people get shelter from the elements. It also has amazing properties to be used in sub-zero conditions. This has been around for a little bit, but is too cool not to share.




This is more of a semi-permanent tent than something you would want to drag along on a camping trip. This giant ball in the sky hangs from the tree tops to give you some spectacular views of Mother Nature or a great way to relax. It does come at a little bit of a cost though at around $8,000, plus it’s only available at a few retailers overseas.

Inflatable Bubble Tent



Made from fire-retardant PVC with oxford cloth this inflatable tent, or lodge I should say, is pretty cool. This thing pretty much can be a home away from home. They can also be attached to each other to expand out into a whole city if you wanted, but for $2,800 a piece I doubt you will want to.

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10 of the Most Amazing Tents from the World of Camping