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10 Albino Big Game Animals to Remind You of Nature’s Mysteries

Albinism is quite rare. 

Albino animals are white because they lack pigmentation in their skin, which makes them vulnerable in the wild. To see an albino animal in its natural habitat is quite rare, which is why hunters always make headlines when their quarry happens to be white.

Albino animals are considered sacred to many cultures, and most hunters will pass on the opportunity to shoot one for fear of having bad luck.

Whether or not you would choose to bring one down, there’s no denying the awe that albino big game inspires. Here are 10 for your viewing pleasure.

Ghostly Apparition


Out in the Open

albino deer in the springtime

Albino King of the Jungle

Albino lion

Beautiful Rack

Albino Buck Deer In The Forest

‘Bino Gator


Epitome of Majesty

Pinterest/Hunting Insider

Ghost Bear

Ghost Bear Family – Natural World

Leucistic Hog (no red eyes)

white boar
British Wild Boar

Safari Albino

Daily Mail

Peaceful Grazing

Albino Fallow Deer

Albinism effects melanin in the skin, hair, and eyes. That’s why albino animals usually look pink and have red eyes since they have no pigment in their irises. Leucism is a condition under the broader albino umbrella term that only effects pigmentation, which is why some white animals have normal eye colors.

Hunting albino animals is controversial since they are so rare. But in reality, albino animals usually cannot live very long in the wild anyways; their condition leaves them more susceptible to predators.

Most albino animals are not protected by law, since albinism is a defective genetic mutation.

Would you bring one home if you had the chance?

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10 Albino Big Game Animals to Remind You of Nature’s Mysteries