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10 Accessories for Your ATV or UTV

The accessories for your ATV or UTV will be great for any hunter or outdoorsman looking to get more out of their transportation.


ATVs and UTVs are versatile vehicles. Many outdoor enthusiasts use them for little more than exploration and high-speed escapism, but for hunters, these all-terrain vehicles serve as invaluable aids to setting up deer camps, scouting properties, carrying harvested bucks back home, and everything in between. With the following tools and accessories, you will be able to morph your ATV or UTV from a simple motor vehicle into a hunting machine.

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1. Goggles and Helmet

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Even if you've only bought your ATV or UTV to lug gear or deer back and forth from your hunting property, you still have to obey state and federal laws when driving the vehicle, and in most areas, that means keeping yourself fully protected in case of a crash or accident. The Department of Transportation issues approvals on certain ATV helmets, so look for a product with certifications and good reviews and make it your first ATV accessory. Goggles are slightly less essential, but since you will be using your ATV or UTV to get to your hunting spot during the cold months - and possibly in the rain or snow - keeping your eyes covered and protected from the elements should be on your mind.

2. Camouflage Kit and Gear

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Whether you decide to give your UTV a customized camouflage paint job or choose to buy extra camouflage clothing to keep you warm on a fast, cold ATV ride, camouflage and concealment are as important a consideration for your all-terrain vehicles as it is for any other part of hunting.

3. Loading Ramp

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One of the best things about having an ATV or UTV is that you no longer need to drive your huge, honking pick-up truck all the way from your house to your hunting spot. However, there are plenty of scenarios where you may end up needing to load your ATV or UTV into the back of your pick-up to transport it part of the way or all the way to your destination. In that case, you need to have a way to load the sporting vehicle into the truck, and a fold out loading ramp is the perfect way to do so. Many of these ramps are constructed from aircraft-grade metals and are strong enough to hold the weight of any ATV or UTV while you load it into your pick-up truck.

4. Winch

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It doesn't matter if you need to haul heavy loads or pull your ATV or UTV out of a tough spot, a powerful winch is a tool that is essential for any utility vehicle. For hunters who are hoping to land big bucks in the field and bring them back on an UTV trailer, a winch will be necessary for pulling that trailer. If your ATV gets stuck in deep mud, the winch will help you extricate it and drive home as if nothing happened.

5. Game Trailer

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Speaking of hauling game trailers, a winch may be the tool you need to do it, but it won't do you much good if you don't purchase the actual trailer as well. ATV trailers might not be the size of what you might pull with a truck or an SUV, but they can still haul a hefty amount of weight. Whether you are carrying a heavy tree stand to the field or bringing a sizable deer back, a trailer is one of those essential accessories that will turn your ATV into a hunting machine in one fell swoop.

6. Plow

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One of the great things about owning an ATV is that it can be a high-octane sporting vehicle, a mode of transportation, and a means of hauling heavy gear. With the purchase of a simple attachment, you can add "snow plow" to that list. From digging yourself out of your driveway so that you can get to your hunting spot to clearing a way through the piles of snow to a place where you can lay down a hunting blind, an ATV plow is one of those extreme-weather accessories that may just save your bacon.

7. Tiller

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On the other end of the weather spectrum from the snowplow attachment, an ATV tiller attachment can make it much easier for you to tend your deer feeding plots in the spring and summer. While planting and maintaining a food plot is certainly possible without a tractor - lawnmower-esque tilling machines are a great, economical way to get the job done - if you have an ATV, you might as well take the extra step and buy the attachment that effectively turns your all-terrain utility vehicle into a tractor. That way, tilling your food plots will be easier and more fun than ever before.

8. Light

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Since hunters do most of the traveling to and from their blind or tree stand either early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is going down or already gone, their ATVs absolutely must be equipped with a light attachment. A headlamp or spotlight can give you the capability you need to see what's ahead of you or scan the woods around you for other hunters or moving deer.

9. Rear rack and cargo bag

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As a hunter, you can pretty much always expect to be bringing some cargo into the field with you, whether it's extra clothing and snacks, binoculars and baiting solutions, or just your rifle or bow. The point is, you need some storage space that isn't in your trailer, and the combination of a rear rack and a cargo bag can provide just that. A flat rack can give you the secure space you need to place your gear, while a heavy-duty cargo bag will protect it from the elements.

10. Tire Repair Kit

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You don't want to end up stranded in the woods thanks to a popped tire. A repair kit will give you all the tools you need - a reamer, plug tools, rubber cement, CO2 cartridges, and more - to fix a leak or puncture in a tire, re-inflate it, and be on your way.

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