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Chris Kyle Memorial Worth $1 Million Completed in Texas

Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle memorial is officially completed after nearly one of year of construction. 

The Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza was officially unveiled last Thursday in Odessa, Texas. The one million dollar project featuring a statue of Kyle took nearly one year to complete.

Hundreds of veterans and those looking to honor the man attended the opening ceremony in his hometown. They watched as the statue was unveiled with the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background.

A 15-foot tall statue of Kyle serves as the center piece of the 2,800 square foot area. Sculpted by artist Vic Payne it rests upon a 48,000 pound limestone base on the same grounds as a local Veterans Affair Clinic.

The limestone base features a plaque with Kyle's honorable mentions as well as the crest for the Navy SEALS. It is surrounded by four trees purchased from former President George W. Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Chris Kyle

In addition to Kyle's memorial two other were built as well. These serve to honor his fallen teammates and other SEALS who have given their lives in the line of duty.

The widow of the late American hero, Taya Kyle, was in attendance as well as a speaker at the ceremony.

Kirk Edwards, chairman of the Chris Kyle Memorial Committee, hopes the memorial helps pay tribute to all veterans.

"We hope this is a place of solemn peace  for them as they see what a community has done to honor one of its own and that will last for generations to come," Edwards told OAOA.

Chris Kyle is a fallen Navy SEAL who served four tours in the Iraq War. He is believed to be the best sniper is American History with more than 150 confirmed kills in the line of duty.

He was killed in 2013 at a shooting range in Texas by a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD. Following his death, the popular movie 'American Sniper' was created based off his life and autobiography.


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Chris Kyle Memorial Worth $1 Million Completed in Texas