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1 in 10 Million Super Rare Raccoon Spotted in Canada

This is such a rare raccoon, many will never see one alive. 

Something strange is happening up in Canada. As a matter of fact, this occurrence is so rare, they estimate about 1 out of 10 million of this very species actually survives as long as this one has. Can you tell by the picture what it is? If you guessed a super rare raccoon that happens to be a full albino, you are right!

When Paula Gianasi actually saw it, she didn’t know what she was looking at!

“It was the size of a raccoon and totally white. He seemed rather docile. He was not scared off by my dog barking,” she reported in an interview.

Surprisingly, none of Gianasi’s neighbors knew what it was either. They all sort of assumed it was some sort of opossum. It wasn’t until photos were posted online that the truth of what the strange creature truly was finally came out.

As it was reported, a York University professor came through with the proper identification.

“I was told by the professor that an albino raccoon is rare — one in 10 million — and they don’t survive for very long because they are blind and deaf. That explains why he did not react to my dog’s barking,” she said.

There’s no doubt about it. That’s little guy must be doing something right to live as long as it has so far!



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1 in 10 Million Super Rare Raccoon Spotted in Canada