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X-Products Mag Dump with an M1 Socom

Watch this M1 Socom dump 50 rounds of 3o8 with the help an X Products drum.

No one ever thinks about an M1 Socom being used in a mag dump video but its definitely done here. The Socom is usually used as a precision rifle. Definitely a solid battle rifle and one that you can definitely count on to go through any time and place.

The best part of the M1 Socom is that the barrel is shorter and at 18 inches its best suited for a designated marksman in a small squad or fire-team. Considering that the Socom is indeed box mag fed, you can definitely count on the X Products mag to fill the void when reloading after a box of 10 rounds.

The X products do come at a premium and are restricted in some states. The 50 rounds are definitely welcome in any fire fight but large magazine capacities can be a heavy draw back on an already beefy rifle.

Shoot further and deliver more rounds on target with this combo.



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X-Products Mag Dump with an M1 Socom