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Wolverine Mother and Kits Caught on Film for the First Time

Enjoy the first footage of its kind starring a wolverine mother and her newborn kits

For one outdoor filmmaker it was a long time coming during the labor of love that saw him stay out in the winter cold for some five years to capture on film what no one has captured before- a wild wolverine mother and her kits.

Andrew Manske endured five long years outdoors in the elements to capture the footage which in this case shows a collared wolverine mother known only as F4. In the video, the mother can be seen coming out of the den with at least two kits and transferring them to a new den.

Mankse says in the video that “this is a world first- footage of wild wolverine kits. It has taken me five years to get to this moment and it’s the highlight of my career as a wildlife filmmaker.”

Working with researchers at the The Wolverine Project in Alberta, Canada, like Dr. Mark Boyce and Matt Scrafford, they uncovered wolverine behaviors that were previous unknown.

Wolverines are solitary and very territorial animals and they can be ferocious when it comes to food. As hard as they are to spot in the wild it obviously takes time and patience to film one, let alone one with a den full of kits.

Cheers to Manske and the CBC for sharing this exclusive video and the eye opening view of nature that it provides. Here’s to the information it will give to researchers in the hopes of conservation!



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Wolverine Mother and Kits Caught on Film for the First Time