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Witness the Future of Bowhunting: The Mathews No CAM [VIDEO]

It’s quiet, accurate, effective, and it could change bow hunting forever. Take a look at the Mathews No CAM.

You’ve heard of single cams, double cams, and hybrid cams, but there’s a new kind of cam making its way into the bow hunting market this year.

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Matt McPherson and his team at Mathews Inc. describe the company’s revolutionary new cam design, said to be part of the most accurate bows to date.


The 2015 Mathews No CAM™ HTR bow utilizes newly developed technology to help improve any hunter’s accuracy and effectiveness. After putting every part of the bow into question, the engineers at Mathews Inc. have developed a truly consolidated system. Stronger limbs and tighter risers are just a few of the elements McPherson and his team evaluated and updated while developing this bow.

The result of tireless testing and innovative thinking, this bow is said to be the first of its kind, resulting in an undeniable influence on bowhunting for years to come. Whether you’re an experienced archer or a beginner bow hunter, this weapon will offer a fresh take on your hunting technique.

But your gonna have to take McPherson’s advise, “Shoot it, to believe it.”

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Witness the Future of Bowhunting: The Mathews No CAM [VIDEO]