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Wildlife Mystery: A Trophy Elk Ends Up in a Hole

San Juan Record

A trophy elk in hand is better than one in a hole.

A trophy elk must have fallen down a hole and was found hanging by his antlers in April, 2010.

The elk found itself in a deadly position when it plummeted into a hole, only to have its antlers keep it from dropping deep into the dark abyss. Officials believe the elk was dead for about a week before it was found.

What dug around the hole? It appears that predators thought they might have a nice meal and tried to unsuccessfully dig out this giant elk.

San Juan Record


Looking at this picture, we must remember to use caution in the wilds anywhere there may be sink holes, old open oil wells and water exploration, or anywhere else that we may become trapped and end up like this elk. We don’t have antlers to save us.

Have fun out there exploring but be careful out there too!


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Wildlife Mystery: A Trophy Elk Ends Up in a Hole