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Whitetail Makes Like a Statue, Allows Hunters Close Enough to Touch


Three hunters came upon a whitetail buck that might be described as “in the headlights.” The deer even allowed the men to pet it.

Three Florida duck hunters walked upon a buck that, for all intents and purposes, could have been a deer decoy.

That was my initial thought upon watching the first several seconds of the video. The whitetail buck had shed one of its antlers and stood immobile, as though transfixed by something in the distance. It didn’t even look at the hunters, as they talked and moved closer.

All I could think was, “What is going on here? Does the deer see another predator hidden somewhere? Is it sick or diseased? Strange!”

Things get even more strange as the men take turns lightly petting the deer, until it seems to awaken and realize what’s going on.

We hear the hunter with the camera remark about what shape the deer is in. “He’s all beat up,” he says. And as he gets closer we see that indeed the small buck is in pretty rough condition. In spite of a nice remaining antler, its coat looks shabby and he appears rather emaciated.

“Man is he weak, Bubba. He is so weak,” the hunter says. “I don’t know if he’ll make it.”

Finally, the weary buck is able to regain some of its energy and focus, and gingerly steps away from the men, with what I swear is a look of complete exhaustion and resignation. He is able to bound away, but it seems unlikely that he’ll last much longer in the condition he’s in.

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Whitetail Makes Like a Statue, Allows Hunters Close Enough to Touch