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What Happens When an Orca Encounters a Paddle Board?

How many times do you head out to sea hoping for just one unique animal encounter, let alone an orca?

For a lot of us, we probably hope something magical happens with wildlife every time we hit the trail or the sea. More often than not, however, our nature escapades go quietly well, without conflict.

Luckily for Lukas Reilly, however, he had his GoPro ready for this incredible encounter with an orca while paddle boarding.

The color scheme of the paddle board might have something to do with the orca’s slow and inquisitive approach. However, that’s a fairly frightening sight to see while just on a SUP, armed with presumably only a paddle.

Orcas are highly social and intuitive animals, so the curious approach isn’t quite surprising. What is surprising occurs around the 20 second mark, where it appears the orca is opening its mouth to test out the taste factor of the paddle board. Presumably, Reilly swats the orca away using the paddle, which is why the GoPro angle switches during this encounter.

Nature is a beautiful and majestic place, but do remember that when we venture on land and into the sea, it’s the animals’ homes we wander into. It’s best to act like kind houseguests, and ruffle as few feathers or fins as possible.

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What Happens When an Orca Encounters a Paddle Board?