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What’s the Fastest Fish in the World? [VIDEO]

To some anglers, the fastest fish is the one that pops off the hook, into the boat, and then back into the water. It’s not easy to grab those little buggers.

But seriously, what is the fastest fish in the world? It’s the black marlin.

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The black marlin can swim at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, as you can see in this video.


The fish’s speed is measured by how fast it pulls line off a reel. We’ve all had some big fish peel off a lot of line and a good clip, but 80 miles per hour? 120 feet per second?

But don’t just think that black marlin are only speed demons. They have endurance as well. One marlin that was tagged near California showed up near New Zealand—10,000 miles away.

Plus, they are huge fish. Then there’s that sharp bill— the marlin really is a high-speed killing machine.


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What’s the Fastest Fish in the World? [VIDEO]