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Watch Orphaned Bear Cubs Be Released into the Wild in California [VIDEO]

Three bear cubs were orphaned last year and were recently released back into the Tahoe Wilderness in California. 

Lake Tahoe Wilderness Care, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in Lake Tahoe, California, has been fostering three orphaned bear cubs for the last year. Two cubs were separated from the mother and one was hit by a car.

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The cubs are now a year old and over 50 pounds. They were ready to return to the woods.


Last Thursday the cubs were sedated and released in the Lake Tahoe wilderness to be bears again.

As they were let out of the truck, in remote locations around the lake, several volunteers chased and yelled at the bears to make them frightened and wary of humans.

You can see how much bears belong in the wild when they start climbing the pines. They are finally home.

Lake Tahoe Wilderness Care posted this on their Facebook:

“These cubs came to LTWC as small orphans last summer. They’ve spent the past several months eating, growing and playing with each other, and are now ready to fend for themselves as wild bears.”



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Watch Orphaned Bear Cubs Be Released into the Wild in California [VIDEO]