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Watch These Frog Legs Dance with a Little Salt [VIDEO]

How would you like to make some dead frogs dance?

Next time you go frog gigging and catch yourself some dinner, try sprinkling the frog legs with salt before you prepare them for cooking. Before you know it, those froggies will bounce back to life!

OK, not really, but the legs will at least do a little twitching for you.

Watch the video to see frog legs magically “dance” after salt is sprinkled on them.


In actuality, there’s nothing magic about the salt or the frogs. What you see in the video is a scientific phenomenon that occurs when the still-living cells in freshly-killed frogs come into contact with sodium ions. Those ions act like signals from the brain that trigger nerves and cause the muscle tissue to react.

They’ll keep dancing until the cells run out of stored energy… or until you batter and fry them, whichever comes first!

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Watch These Frog Legs Dance with a Little Salt [VIDEO]