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Watch This Cutthroat Trout Smash Insects on the Surface

This insider view of a cutthroat trout actively feeding on an large insect hatch will have you longing for spring.

Redington Elements captured this stunning footage of a big cutthroat trout smashing insects on the surface of a stream. Take this as a sure sign to tie a couple of dry flies and get out fishing.

Redington Fly Fishing has captured some great cutthroat trout action which clearly shows how action-packed matching the hatch can be. Cutthroat, for quite some time, were an at-risk trout species that has recently been making a modest comeback in the western U.S. and Canada.

This is due largely to the effort and resources of anglers and foundations like Trout Unlimited. The cutthroat trout was under a lot of pressure from habitat loss and the introduction of other non-native fish that were pushing them out of their western streams, but a sustained conservation effort is seeing a comeback of this amazing western game fish.


Trout Unlimited and Hank Patterson Explore the Mystery of the CuttyRainBrown Trout


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Watch This Cutthroat Trout Smash Insects on the Surface