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Watch 2 Guys Get Obliterated By a Jet Boat Shower [VIDEO]

These guys seem to think a jet boat shower is just what they need. Wait until you see what happens when they go through with it.

You know how it is: you’re relaxing and having a cold one on your favorite beach when you realize you could use a good shower.

Enter your buddy with his nice boat and a willingness to give his two friends a good cooling off. I hope they have some skin left!

With a friend like this, why go in the water?

I thought those boats were meant to navigate shallow waters and go really fast. Boy, was I wrong!

It looks like a jet boat shower could cure a variety of ailments, such as too much skin, eyesight, clothing, and that pesky beer in your hand.

The only thing better than watching these two dudes disappear in the spray of water was listening to their girlfriends laugh themselves off of their chairs.

Anybody got a towel?

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Watch 2 Guys Get Obliterated By a Jet Boat Shower [VIDEO]