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Tension-Filled Warthog Standoff With Wild Dogs [VIDEO]

warthog standoff

Watch as a warthog and a pack of African wild dogs are stuck in a standoff on the edge of a river.

As the video opens, the warthog is standing in the shallow water temporarily safe from the African wild dog pack, but also unable to escape.

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A crocodile then takes advantage of the situation for an easy meal in this video.


This warthog was stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Life is tough when you’re a prey animal anywhere in the world, but this is especially true in Africa. Wild dogs and crocodiles have to eat as well, and the warthog’s loss was the crocodile’s gain. Unfortunately for the pack of dogs, they will have to try again another day.

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Have you ever witnessed an event like this in the wild? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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Tension-Filled Warthog Standoff With Wild Dogs [VIDEO]