Get Ready for Some Extreme Feral Hog Eradication

Hogs are a big problem in Texas, and this is a solution. You are going to want to see this.

Get the popcorn ready, because this hog eradication is pretty wild. No shortage of bacon for these guys. Farmers are happy, freezers are full, it is a win-win for all those involved. Except for the feral pigs, of course.

They lay it on the line and tell you how it is so that they don’t get negative feedback and viewers bashing them for the content by explaining what is actually going on below. There is nothing worse than a hunter being deemed unethical and accused for not actually “hunting” or being “unsportsman-like.” They are there to eradicate these wild pigs, end of story.

Their video bio is below.

Hunting hogs in Texas is not really hunting at all in the traditional sense. A Texas hog hunt is more like a search and destroy mission using any and all legal means to eradicate as many hogs as possible. Hunters frequently utilize tools such as AR-15‘s equipped with night vision and thermal optics, helicopters and machine guns and even explosives.

If you aren’t from a state similar to Texas, which has an incredible feral hog problem, this video is hard to understand. They are an invasive species and need taken out by all means necessary. The hog population is out of control in places like Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and other southern states. If northern state officials are already making these warnings, how long until the feral hog populations spread?

I know what a lot of you are thinking: When and where do I have to be to get in on this?!

Wild hogs have become popular game for some, a nuisance for others, and an issue worth addressing.


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