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Vintage Footage of Furious Marlin Battle with Fishermen in Small Dinghy

Angler wrestles thrashing marlin and puts his life in danger to boat the fish.

This is one of the most amazing fishing films we’ve ever seen, especially given that it is only a minute long. In what looks to be an old, vintage piece of a larger film, two anglers fish for marlin from a small boat. One angler handles the rod and reel, while the other maneuvers the dinghy.

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Suddenly a very large marlin is hooked and begins performing the acrobatic leaps that marlins are famous for. The men have no means to boat the giant, thrashing fish other than their own bare hands and arms. The “captain,” or guide of the small vessel, desperately and repeatedly tries to bring the dangerous fish into the boat, but is thwarted by the still very much alive and kicking beast.

At last, he is able to pull the big marlin into the rear of the boat by its bill, only to have it continue to thrash wildly, endangering both men. The man wraps his arms around the fish in an attempt to bear hug it into submission, only to have it flip him back and forth like a rag doll. Finally he seems to have subdued the marlin as the film ends. A rousing musical score that accompanies the battle heightens the drama and sense of danger that is certainly evident in the contest between man and fish.

We don’t know the original source of this snippet of film, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s a 1930s-era film. Wherever or whenever it was filmed, and in spite of its grainy quality, it is one of the most incredible visual documents of outdoor sport that we’ve ever seen.

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Vintage Footage of Furious Marlin Battle with Fishermen in Small Dinghy