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Utah Senate Passes Bill to Allow Concealed Carry Without Permit

concealed carry
Image via Flickr/Jimmy Smith

Utah Senate passed a bill that would allow for permit-free concealed carry.

Utah’s Senate passed a bill early this week that could allow adults over 21 years of age to carry a concealed weapon without any kind of permit. It has now been sent to the House for approval.

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Governor Gary Herbert has already threatened to veto the bill due to the safety issues it could cause. The current permit system allows for background checks in order to help keep firearms away from criminals. It also contains firearm safety courses which helps prevent inexperienced people from acquiring firearms.

This wouldn’t be the only time Herbert would veto such a bill. Two years ago he nixed a bill that was similar. It might be a bit surprising to discover that he is also a gun owner and concealed-carry permit holder.

The Senate passed the measure on a 21-6 vote.

Sen. David Hinkins is the sponsor of SB256. He doesn’t find it reasonable that guns are allowed to be openly carried without a permit in Utah. However, hiding the gun – even under a jacket – is breaking the law.

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Utah Senate Passes Bill to Allow Concealed Carry Without Permit