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Turkey Hunting with a Boomerang [VIDEO]

Turkey Hunting with a Boomerang [VIDEO]

You read that headline correctly: watch as this guy goes turkey hunting with a boomerang.

Victor Poulin has a strong affinity for boomerangs. He makes and sells them on his website,, and published YouTube videos of tutorials, cool trick shots and much more.

A recent video caught our eye, as Victor took to his backyard for some winter turkey hunting. Check it out:

So what if he didn’t hit one, it still counts as a neat video, and one worth sharing with you. It brings to mind other odd methods of hunting, and we’re certain it’s just a matter of time before Victor manages to capture a boomerang turkey kill on video.

Poulin handcrafts the boomerangs he sells, and each has a distinct flight pattern and strength. His boomerangs are indeed works of art, and he’s taken it upon himself to raise interest in the weapons that have been long forgotten as methods of capturing wild game and putting a meal on the table.

What other strange weapons or tools have you seen used in hunting? How long would it take you to hit a moving turkey target with a boomerang? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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