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Trump’s Sons Went Pheasant Hunting in Iowa Because That’s What You Do

The Guardian

As they say, when in Iowa, do as the Iowans. So, the Trump brothers went pheasant hunting.

Whether he has your vote or not, most hunters can agree that Donald Trump’s positive opinions of hunting and the hunting heritage are good for our sport. His son’s likely helped shape his views.

Donald Trump Jr., and his brother Eric, took the time to hunt pheasants while on the campaign trail for their father in Iowa. According to The Guardian, their mission was to boost support for their father and prove their down-to-earth authenticity by participating in a sport that so many rural Americans love.

Donald Jr. did an excellent job of promoting hunting, the family’s authenticity and his father. And he’s not too bad of a shot either.

Both of the Trump brothers are big hunters, harvesting various species throughout Africa, says The Guardian. Their list includes elephants, leopards, crocs and other famous African game.

Although Donald Trump Sr. didn’t win Iowa, the race for the Republican nomination is far from over. The Trumps will have to continue to express their authenticity and connect to the middle-class American. What better way to do that than through hunting and the outdoors?

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Trump’s Sons Went Pheasant Hunting in Iowa Because That’s What You Do