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Triplet Mountain Lion Cubs Drop in for a Visit in Idaho

Three juvenile mountain lion cubs stopped by to visit an Idaho couple and practically knocked on the door.

When deputy sheriff Drue Stafford retired he expected to relax and watch the wildlife on his property in Bear River Narrows, Idaho but when he saw three young mountain lion cubs stroll up to his porch he knew that something special was happening.

The quick thinking Stafford then picked up his camera and filmed the three cubs as they walked right up to his porch for a closer look at the place.

The cubs had been seen stalking a flock of wild turkeys which isn’t all that unusual, but after seeing them for so long and without their mother Stafford was getting worried, so he called the Idaho Fish and Game Department.

When the cubs were still on the property the next day Stafford notified the Fish and Game Department again. Even though they disappeared before officials could arrive on the scene, they were eventually spotted and confirmed to be orphans.

The three young cubs have since been captured and moved to a facility in Preston which specializes in the care and upbringing of orphaned mountain lions until their release this spring.


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Triplet Mountain Lion Cubs Drop in for a Visit in Idaho