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How to Treat Virtually Any Injury on a Fishing Boat [PICS]

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When fishing on a boat, injuries can happen fast and unexpectedly. With these tips you will be ready for those emergencies.

Accidents happen all the time. The odds become a little higher when out fishing on a moving boat surrounded with sharp objects. Make sure you are prepared for the worst.

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Always have a first aid kit on board. 

A properly stocked first aid kit and flotation devices on the boat are the number one equipment check. Keep the first aid kit handy, dry and well-rotated for anything that can expire. A wet first aid kit is far from sterile and possibly more harmful than helpful.

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Know how to treat a concussion. 

Concussion and other falling injuries on a boat are the leading causes of injuries. If a boater has a head injury from a fall, keep that person comfortable and awake at all cost. Any bleeding should be addressed with a sterile compress and applied pressure. Call for help via 911 and if you are on Coast Guard patrolled waters, be certain to have that phone number handy. This injury is nothing to ignore and more help is needed than your first aid kit.

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Be prepared to treat cuts.  

Cuts are another big culprit of injuries on a fishing boat. Filleting fish or cutting bait can leave a nasty injury in a blink of the eye. If the wound is small enough, clean well and apply a bandage. Apply pressure to stop or at least slow bleeding. Butterfly sutures will come in handy for lesser cuts. If the injury is severe with loss of blood, get help immediately.

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Be careful of hooks. 

Hooks in fleshy places means, ouch. It happens; make sure to have a good pair of needle nose pliers with cutters. You may be able to wiggle it back out. You may have to push it through and cut the barb off to release it. Smelling salts from your first aid kit will keep the unlucky angler from passing out.

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Don’t drink and boat!

Taking certain precautions and leaving alcohol out of boating will save many injuries from happening on a fishing boat. Wear your life preserver, wear non-skid shoes and take your time when doing anything that may cause injury. Drink lots of water and use sunscreen even on cloudy days.

Enjoy your trip on the water, and not the emergency room.

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How to Treat Virtually Any Injury on a Fishing Boat [PICS]