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Trappers Release Bear Caught in Coyote Trap [VIDEO]

These coyote trappers had quite an unexpected animal waiting for them.

A black bear indadvertedly got caught in these coyote hunter’s trap. That’s a slightly larger animal than this trapper family was expecting.

Releasing this bear took teamwork and a whole lot of guts.

This black bear is estimated to be between 80 to 120 pounds. It was caught in a Victor #3 foothold trap set for coyotes.

While not a super-sized bear, this angry black bear could still kill a man with ease. These tough trappers team up and work hard to get this bear back to the woods.

Releasing this mad bear took a lot of guts. The bear and the trappers all went home unharmed. Great job, guys. Teamwork was the winner of the day.

Trappers Release Bear Caught in Coyote Trap [VIDEO]