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Trails Closed After Wolf Trails Snowmobilers in Minnesota Park

Flickr/Tambako The Jaguar

Lone wolf chases snowmobilers, biologists left baffled.

Trails in Voyageurs National Park have been closed and rerouted after a lone wolf had been following snowmobilers in the Ash River area of the park. In three separate incidents over a 10-day period the wolf trailed or ran alongside snowmobilers; all of the sightings were within a mile of each other near a trail junction.

None of the incidents ended in attack and the witnesses didn’t describe the wolf as aggressive.

Park officials have closed the trails to keep the wolf and humans separate in hopes that the wolf moves on. Biologists can’t explain the wolf’s behavior but are trying to gather additional information. Even the renowned Minnesota wolf researcher David Mech can only guess that the behavior is caused by the wolf being young and recently separated from its pack, possibly searching for new territory and a mate.

Mech doesn’t believe the wolf would attack a snowmobiler if they stopped, however, there have been no volunteers to test his theory.



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Trails Closed After Wolf Trails Snowmobilers in Minnesota Park