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Topwater Bass Fishing for Early Fall [VIDEO]


Topwater fishing tips to catch more fish more often!

The anticipation and the explosive action are what its all about. Topwater lures, buzzbaits, poppers and surface walkers are gaining popularity every day.

Here are a few tips in a video from FatherreeFishing to help you catch more fish more often!

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Bass are light sensitive so early morning or later in the evening when the sun is down is better.

The noise and action you give your lure is what is going to attract those fish. Don’t be to eager to set that hook, the fish may have missed and you will pull your lure out of sight. Wait a second to set you hook, when you just start to feel the pull then set your hook.

What other tips do you have for topwater fishing in the fall?

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Topwater Bass Fishing for Early Fall [VIDEO]