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Top 10 Best Places to Buy Hunting Gear

On the hunt for new gear? Here are the 10 best places to buy hunting gear.

Having quality hunting gear doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Be it optical equipment, hunting clothes, or firearms, it’s always best to research and wait for a good deal. Finding a quality item for a good price may take some time, but rest assured the wait is over.

Now is the time to buy gear. You may have noticed that hunting gear works much the same as regular clothing – everything goes on sale when the season is over, and the hunting season is indeed over. Here are 10 of the best places to buy your hunting gear:

1. Amazon

This is always my number one go-to place for everything: hunting, fishing, camping, hiking. You name it, they have it. True, you cannot inspect these items for their quality by hand until your order has been delivered to your door, but that’s where reviews prevail. Plus, returns are simple and free.

2. Sierra Trading Post

There are a few physical locations across the United States, but as with most stores, Sierra Trading Post has an excellent, reasonably priced, often discounted, selection online. They offer a large variety of clothing and footwear, as well as shooting accessories, hunting packs, and even a small optics and scope selection.

In addition, you may come across a few treestands and hand tools such as knives and trenching tools. Sierra Trading Post is also a great place for your other outdoors needs such as camping, hiking, and the like.

3. Bass Pro Shops

This is probably the first place you think of, next to Cabela’s, for your hunting needs, and why wouldn’t you? The selection is huge and everything is all in one place – clothes, guns, optics, blinds, treestands, bows, boats, fishing gear, camping, and some even have restaurants – what more could an outdoors enthusiast ask for?

Bass Pro Shops is a great place to window shop and physically inspect items. I then recommend waiting for a sale or finding the items elsewhere because you are sure to find it for less.

4. Cabela’s

Cabela’s online “Bargain Cave,” which as you may have guessed, holds their current sales and other discounts that may be offered during the regular hunting season. Much like Bass Pro Shops, the selection is unparalleled, but can also be pricey. When sales are on, like now, this is without a doubt a great shop, but if it isn’t off season, I suggest waiting.

5. Kittery Trading Post

Although this particular trading post is in Maine, bordering Southern New Hampshire, it also has an online store available. While most of the prices for gear can be steep, which is why it is at position 5, the Kittery Trading Post has an extensive selection of new and used guns.

Gun shops like the Kittery Trading Post carry a large variety of used, well-maintained guns. They usually have the new version of the same gun so you can do a side-by-side comparison physically in the store. You can also find a variety of Optics and other tech accessories. This is the first place I go to for firearms.

6. Marshalls

Part of the same brand as Sierra Trading Post, Marshalls is a good place to keep in mind. When you see a Marshalls, you don’t typically think you’re going to find hunting gear in there, and you’re right; you won’t find a lot.

However, every once in awhile you can stumble on something good. Last week I found an Under Armour Balaclava with Scent Control for $19.99; retail price is $54.99.

7. TJ Maxx

Same idea as Marshalls, and also the same brand, TJ Maxx is a gem. Again, you may not always find something, but when you do, it’s always worth the legwork. I’ve come across hunting clothing as well as brand name footwear.

8. Walmart

Depending on your location, Walmart’s selection can be pretty decent. You can find a few useful items such as baiting materials, socks, and decent practice ammo for the range.

I wouldn’t recommend going here for items where quality really counts as you know you’re not going to be satisfied. But for some items, you just want the lowest price.

9. Local Shops

I place this on the lower end of the list because it is difficult to gauge each locally owned shop. Some may have really excellent deals, whereas others are just plain ridiculous.

There’s a taxidermy joint in the next town over and while it is great for bow repairs and has a great bow selection for purchase, the prices for clothing are frightening. I would limit yourself to these places only for specialized needs, such as bow repairs.

10. Dick’s Sporting Goods

I place this last on the list, and you may have noticed The Sports Authority is not on this list at all, because these places are better for your more traditional sports. It is still worth checking online for any sales or clearance, but paying full price here is sure to break your wallet.

As it is placed here, this is the last place I would check if I was on the hunt for something.



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Top 10 Best Places to Buy Hunting Gear