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Tips on Animal Proofing Your Campsite from Unwanted Guests

Follow these tips on animal proofing for your campsite and keep the animals out to increase your safety and protect your food and gear.

Animal proofing your campsite is a goal that all outdoors people should strive for. Not only does it protect you it protects the animals themselves from becoming too accustomed to human contact.

Every year, hundreds of nuisance bears are destroyed across the U.S. and Canada as they have become dependant on human food and have lost their wariness of people, making them dangerous.

Have a look as BackpackingTV runs through some quick steps to keeping the critters away.

There it is, some good tips to ensuring your food supply stays untouched and your gear remains intact. It is incredible how adaptive animals are and it only takes one or two encounters for some to learn techniques to get into gear.

Racoons are particularly savvy and I have seen them pop open buckles and undo zippers on packs to get at treats. Even if wrapped in plastic bags, mammals such as bears and raccoons can still detect them.



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Tips on Animal Proofing Your Campsite from Unwanted Guests