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Time for Turkey: Pluck and Clean With Steve Rinella [VIDEO]


Here come the holidays. Be prepared to pluck and clean your own turkey with help from Steven Rinella. 

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving will come quicker than you realize. As you go out on your turkey hunt, be prepared to pluck and clean in the field with the help of Steve Rinella from MeatEater.

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There is something calming about Steve Rinella. He is knowledgeable and approaches everything in an easygoing way. He’s just your buddy telling you how to do things.

He even tells you how to travel with your turkey if you harvest it somewhere else.

So this Thanksgiving, go out and hunt your own gobbler and prepare it in the field or woods with these helpful tips from our friend, Steve.

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Time for Turkey: Pluck and Clean With Steve Rinella [VIDEO]