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This is the Biggest Black Bear from Pennsylvania You’ve Ever Seen

This Pennsylvania black bear is so big it looks like it swallowed a Volkswagen. Here’s a good look at a bruin the size of a small truck.

Apparently they grow them big in the great state of Pennsylvania; black bears that is. The boar in these pictures either stopped gladly to get his photo taken, or he’s so big that he can’t even move!

This big boy is starting to get famous as the “bear that isn’t real”, but these pictures are pretty good and you’re going to start to believe.


His belly hangs so low that you can’t even see the ground under him!


There’s no question that this is a big boar, and it’s pretty obvious by the new green growth behind him that these are spring-of-the-year photos.


Since sows emerge with their cubs in the spring (if they successfully bred) and generally aren’t nearly as big as their male counterparts, this is one of the biggest male black bears ever to be photographed in Pennsylvania.

They haven’t come right out and said where this is yet, but big black bears have been taken in the past in PA, like the 704-pounder just a few years ago and this one looks just as big; maybe bigger! What will be going through your mind when a bear this size steps out in front of you during the open season?

Thanks to the Hunting Pennsylvania Facebook page for sharing these great photographs of one of the biggest bears from the northeast that we’ve ever seen!

All photos via Facebook/Hunting Pennsylvania



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This is the Biggest Black Bear from Pennsylvania You’ve Ever Seen