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The Froute Tent: The Most Stylish Tent You’ll Ever Need [PICS]

The Froute tent is a flower pod tent that will ensure you are camping in style. 

This may not be the tent to bring on your next backcountry excursion. But if you are looking for something awesome to put in your yard or are looking to set up a most luxurious camping experience, then the Froute pod may be what you are looking for. Heck, maybe I’ll ask my friend with a yard if I can set one up back there this summer rather than live in an apartment.

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The Froute tent is made from bamboo by the company, Giant Grass. Giant Grass works exclusively with bamboo and teach workshops on how to use this sustainable material.

The Froute tent takes two people 45 minutes to set up and the result is a tent worthy of glamping.



The floors are all made with bamboo and are lifted so the glamper won’t sleep on wet ground. There are two flaps that open up as awnings.



The shape of the pod allows for standing room.


This would be great for a semi-permanent summer camp.


If you are interested in buying a Froute pod you can email the creators at

I’m ready to move into a Froute pod myself.

All images via Giant Grass Designs

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The Froute Tent: The Most Stylish Tent You’ll Ever Need [PICS]