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Anglers Find Rare Giant Squid off Texas Coast [VIDEO]

Image via KTRK

A group of Texas anglers made a rare find that’s catching the attention of marine biologists.

Angler Michael Belvin and his friends recovered a 10-foot, 200-pound giant squid on Sunday off the coast of Matagorda, Texas, according to KTRK. Belvin said the floating squid “looked like a white trash bag in the water.”

Giant squid are rarely found in shallow waters. This is reportedly the fourth-ever giant squid sighting in the Gulf of Mexico.

“It’s exciting to find a giant squid off the coast here,” said Houston Zoo Aquarium Supervisor Mike Concannon. Giant squid are deep-ocean dwelling creatures, so this squid likely surfaced because it was sick or in trouble. Belvin said a larger predator may have attacked it. 

“It looked like a mako shark bit it, the way the jagged teeth were on the back side of it,” said Belvin. “It was missing about half of its body.” 

Giant squid can grow up to 43 feet long. Their huge tentacles account for most of their length.

There have only been a handful of giant squid sightings throughout the world. This clip from the Discovery Channel show Monster Squid purports to show footage of a giant squid in its natural habitat.

More strange offshore catches:

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Anglers Find Rare Giant Squid off Texas Coast [VIDEO]