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This Texan Fisherman Spears Gar Better Than Anyone Could

The stars at night may be big and bright in Texas, but so are the gar and this Texan fisherman knows just how to snag them.

Nighttime is when the fish are on the move, which also provides a great opportunity to try out new ways of fishing for the most success.

Like spearfishing, for example, as this guy does.

The angler in the video spears both longnose and alligator gar.

One of the fish had been hooked by another angler, but the gar had snapped off the steel leader. Yep, that’s just how strong and mean these fish are.

Even their outer defenses make it difficult to spear the fish. Gar have hard skin and scales. Native Americans used their scales as arrowheads, native Caribbeans used the skin for breastplates, and early American pioneers covered the blades of their plows in the skin.

They’re also good eating. The Texan fisherman in the video says he cleans, batters, and fries all the fish he spears.


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This Texan Fisherman Spears Gar Better Than Anyone Could