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Teach Your Pup to Find Antler Sheds [VIDEO]

Give your dog something to do this spring and teach your pup to find antler sheds. 

Finding antler sheds is a fairly popular past time amongst outdoorsmen and hunters all across the United States. As soon as the snow starts to melt in the spring, hoards of shed hunters take to the woods looking for brown gold.

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Some hunters looking for antler sheds have their favorite stomping grounds where they find sheds year after year. Others just sort of hope to get lucky. If you incorporate your pup into this pastime, finding sheds just might come a little easier.

In this video by ScoutLook, you will get tips straight from shed-hunting expert Tony Peterson to get your dog up and running as quick as possible to get out there and find some antler sheds.


This is the exact technique I tried to use to teach my dog to find antler sheds. She is decent at it, but the woods might be a little too exciting for her to concentrate.

At the end of the day, just getting out and letting my dog run, with the possibility of maybe finding a shed, makes it all worthwhile.

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Teach Your Pup to Find Antler Sheds [VIDEO]