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This Tactical Musket Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

tactical musket

The tactical musket in this video is a humorous take on the popularity of everything tactical in the shooting industry.

Tactical accessories are available for pretty much anything shooting related these days. Some of them are actually useful and a lot of them are completely unnecessary.

That one shot in between long reloads from a musket never looked cooler than in this shooting video. Check it out below.

The tactical accessory market has become so oversaturated with products that there is even a term for tactical equipment and clothing that has no purpose other than to look cool: tacticool. This tactical musket definitely fits into that category.

Limited range, poor accuracy, and long reload times don’t really lend themselves to tactical use and the tactical musket in this video has all three of those things. The collapsible buttstock and EOTech sight are certainly overkill for a musket, but how else are you supposed to make a tactical musket? Not to mention the muzzle break and pistol grip.

It might not serve a purpose, but this shooting video is definitely worth a laugh.



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This Tactical Musket Has to Be Seen to Be Believed