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Super Gator Strolls Across Golf Course [PICS]

All photos via Facebook/Myakka Pines Gold Club

This super-sized alligator has decided to take up golfing.

Golfing at the Myakka Pines Golf Club has gotten quite a bit more interesting with this brute around.

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The Myakka Pines Golf Club has had alligators around for as long as the club has been open. That is 37 years total. Alligators there are said to move when they have to. If a golf ball goes into the water hazard, it is indeed claimed by the resident gators.




This big old brute was walking around the course when some members got pictures of it. The club made sure to post them to their Facebook page. This alligator is of such a massive size some on the Internet have questioned if it was photoshopped. The Myakka Golf Course staff is now voting on a name and then there will be t-shirts made. This gator’s name could be Goliath, Viral, or Myakka Mike. You can vote on a name here.



Is this the biggest alligator ever spotted at the Myakka Pines Golf Club? No, it is not. There was a larger alligator named Big George that has presumably died or left the area.

When you are golfing at the Myakka Pines Golf Club, best be on your guard. You may be chasing a little white ball, but a dinosaur may be chasing you.

All photos via Facebook/Myakka Pines Gold Club


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Super Gator Strolls Across Golf Course [PICS]