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This Spring Brings Delicious Maple Syrup in Minnesota

March brings maple syrup season for those lucky enough to live in the northern states.

When you hit early spring and get snow melt during the days and cold nights, you have the perfect conditions for the maple syrup to start running. Have a look as these people use time-proven methods to collect the sap and boil it down to a delicious maple syrup harvest at Wild River State Park.

That is a great sustainable harvest, right from the tapping of the trees to the collection and boiling down and filtering for the final product. In my area many landowners run their own small operations but we also have a commercial one that provides tours and all the products they produce from maple syrup.

A syrup harvest provides great memories to many people in the northern U.S. and Canada and it is an opportunity to get the family outdoors for some fun.

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This Spring Brings Delicious Maple Syrup in Minnesota