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A Spot and Stalk Makes for the Most Exciting Turkey Hunting

Doing a spot and stalk on turkey can be some of the most adrenaline pumping bird hunting you can do.

Conducting a spot and stalk is a departure from traditional sitting and calling turkey tactics, but it can be the most productive and exciting way-to-go if the birds are not coming to you.

Check this spot and stalk that is done by the guys at Hunting the Ozarks during a forest and field hunt in Missouri.

What a great spring hunt, and you don’t often see turkey hunters having to shoo away cows to get into position.

Spot and stalk hunting tactics are a great way to stay mobile and get onto birds when they are not coming to you. Often toms are quite content to stay in their place in the woods and not react to calling if they already have hens with them.

One way to defeat this is by moving towards them, or their expected path, and setting up an ambush. It is also a very exciting way to hunt and a true test of hunter skill, but be careful, with the bird’s keen eyesight it is easy to get busted, as I have on a couple of attempts to close on birds.

Good camo and being able to predict where the bird will move is the key to this tactic.



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A Spot and Stalk Makes for the Most Exciting Turkey Hunting