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Is Snaring an Effective Hog Control Method in Texas? [VIDEO]

Is Snaring An Effective Hog Control Method In Texas

These landowners down in South Texas have too many hogs, so they are turning to snares as a hog control method. As you can see, it can be pretty effective.

Due to all of the problems that they cause, feral hogs are the bane of many Texas land owner’s existence. Eradicating an established hog population is certainly possible, but it can be expensive and requires a lot of work. In addition to regular hunting methods, these guys started setting snares on regularly used hog trails on their ranch to help put a dent in their hog population.

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When checking their snares on this particular day, these two guys hit the jackpot.


When combined with other hog control methods, snaring hogs can be effective at reducing their population in a given area. A side benefit of this is that it is a quick way to get a bunch of tasty pork as well!

Let’s be clear here: this isn’t fair-chase hog hunting. Like shooting them at night with thermal optics, this is pest control plain and simple.

Before you try snaring hogs where you live, make sure you determine that it is legal first. Also, make sure you take some precautions to ensure that you don’t accidentally snare a non-target species, such as deer, if you set up some hog snares.

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Is Snaring an Effective Hog Control Method in Texas? [VIDEO]