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Up Your Smallmouth Bass Game with These Jerkbait Tips

Follow these tips for some great smallmouth bass fishing and get on some nice fish this season.

Here are some non-traditional techniques for slow fishing jerkbaits to catch smallmouth bass for cooler water temperatures with fishing guide Doug Burns and WillCFish Fishing Tips and Tricks.

There you have it, some tips on fishing jerk baits with a method you would not traditionally think of using. With cooler water and less aggressive smallmouths, it makes sense to use a less forceful method of suspending the lure and using small motions to trigger a strike.

By using Rapala jerk baits, some of my favorite and most productive bass lures, you are sure to get good action this spring and summer.

Unfortunately for me, smallmouth bass fishing in my area does not open until late June, but as they say, good things come to those who wait. Nothing beats early mornings, a cup of coffee in the boat, and some casting for bass.



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Up Your Smallmouth Bass Game with These Jerkbait Tips